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"Pride and Prejudice" (2005) The changes to Austens plot are innovative, like Bingley being a mu
ch younger man than Darcy and his need for a wise mentor to guide him with his affairs, or the cast corresponding more with the original characters ages. Donald Sutherland has an unusual appearance as Mr. Bennet, but he plays his part well, no matter what anyone says about his inoffensive accent. Rosamund Pike makes a wonderful Jane, while Tom Hollander lives up to the personality of Mr. Collins in a comical re-assessment and Judi Dench seriously illustrates how Lady Catherine is such an irritating s

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nob. Elizabeths infatuation w asics sneakers ith Wickham is not as visible in this film, but Austens points are pushed  onitsuka tiger ladies through nevertheless, especially when Elizabeths need for solitary moments and her shame regarding her familys behavior are more important than a pa onitsuka tiger mexico 66 white ssing flirtation. All in all, it is diffic
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ult not to be moved by directors use of light and shade in his artistic visualization of all scenes, including the dances, Elizabeths visit to Charlotte, Darcys intense proposal to Elizabeth, and the couples sunrise reunion. The ending provided for the U.S. version of Pride and Prejudice really should have been permanently added to the film in general because it provides a satisfying close to the story. It is too bad that Jane Austen fans cannot see a simple fact: Pride and Prejudice is a modern film that creatively and impressively portrays all the warmth, romance, and wit of the classic Austen published centuries ago in two hours of living pictures.
Pride and Prejudice is available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc wherever movies are sold in Fresno and online; it also can be rented for free from local libraries.