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The title Hot Tub Time Machine leaves little to the imagination, what you hear is what you get. It is an absurd, raunchy comedy about four
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guys who are sent back in time. The group is lead by Adam, played by Executive Producer John Cusack.
As the title insinuates, four guys are transported to the 80s via a hot tub time machine. Three long time friends take a trip to their old favorite hangout, Adams nephew tags along as well. When they go back in time, they think they need to replicate their previous actions to ensure the space time continuum is not disrupted. However, they begin to question that when they are given the chance to rectify some mistakes that resulted in their present day misery.
Hot Tub delivers a lot of fast one liners that modern day comedies aim to have moviegoers repeat in their real lives, the one to take from this one is great white buffalo. Once you see it, guys will inev onitsuka tiger price itably repeat and discuss who their  onitsuka trainers great white buffalo was.
Why you should see Hot Tub Time Machine
The movie is heavily aimed at men, this is a movie about four guys partying and then trying to get their lives in shape when everything hits rock bottom. It provides some hilar

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ious situations, albeit sometimes excessively vulgar and raunchy.
Hot tiger mexico 66 Tub thrives on the cast to deliver the punch lines from the script. John Cusack delivers one of his funniest performances since Grosse Point Blank. Craig Robinson from The Office is another highlight of the movie, playing a submissive husband who chose conformity over seeking his dream.
The movie also has great acknowledgments of the 80s from the music to the movies. Chevy Chase shows up to enjoy himself a bit too much as the all knowing handy man. Expect heavy parallels to Back to the Future. Crispin Glover, aka George McFly, has a role that is soaked with anticipation of a traumatizing incident.
Why you may want to see something else.
The movie is vulgar, with some scenes involving graphic sex scenes and a lot of language. For guys in the Judd Apatow fan base, it is heaven. For those who have an easily disrupted stomach or need something less raunchy, a lighter comedy such as Date Night may be better to see in theaters. Read a review on why you should see Date Night here.
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