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Stretch Joe Carnahan has become one of my guilty pleasure filmmakers. Smokin Aces, while messy and uneven, was definitely a whole lot of fun to watch and generally was a good time. The Grey was something special that more sh

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ould be talking about and Ive probably seen The A-Team conservatively about five times.
If Carnahan has faced any sort of hardship in his career, its been courtesy of the studio system, some of his movies have been poorly advertised or not advertised nearly as well as they should have (see The Grey, The A Team) and have languished in release dates where they should have flourished elsewhere. His newest effort Stretch was no different, it was all set for a Spring 2014 releas

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e in theaters until Universal pulled it at seemingly the last minute, only to jettison it onto Video On Demand this week, despite being led by a director of Carnahans caliber and starring likeable and famous faces like Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine, Brooklyn Decker and Jessica Alba.
Thankfully however, we finally got to see Stretch in its entirety, and its a wild good time.
Kevin a.k.a. Stretch (Patrick Wilson) is a hapless limo driving-failed actorformer dr asics gel kinsei 3 ugboozegambling addict finding his way through life driving a stretch limo in LA, especially after his girlfriend (Brooklyn Decker) dumps him and his bookie comes calling for $6K in gambling debt. His supportive co-worker Charlie (Jessica Alba) tries to have his back against his hardass boss (Shaun Toub, who really deserves to be in more things) and trying to come up wi

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th the money. Hope comes about when eccentric billionaire Karos (Chris Pine) comes falling out of the sky (quite literally) and takes Stretch onitsuka tiger womens shoes on a wild, weird, ride he wont soon forget...
The acting here is incredible, especially an earnest performance from Patrick Wilson as a loser who kind of deserves his lot in life but we can onitsuka tiger bruce lee t help but root for anyway. Chris Pine also shines as the borderline insane Karos, going all in to a wild role that unfortunately may go largely overlooked outside of fans of this film. The rest of the supporting cast also shines, alongside some pretty funny cameo work from some unexpected people, good work by all here,
Carnahans direction is solid in this outing, he weaves seamlessly between action and humor and still find a bit of a sweet spot of heart in this film. Things begin a little slow, but once Karos makes his entrance the movie picks up considerably, but maybe that was the point. The script could have also been a bit longer and maybe focused in on a few things more, but it didnt ruin the movie. The script is also fantastically weird and yet it all works, this night is one for the ages in Stretchs mind and its glorious, never far out just because.
The scenery and cinematography were great too, the strong use of lighting and color hint at inspirations from Michael Mann or Quentin Tarantino, however Carnahan makes it his own here, great technical achievements all around.
Essentially, Stretch could have had a little bit more focus, but the movie is well made and the acting is strong. That, paired alongside an unique script makes this movie a wacky, weird, rollicking good time full of laughs and actions as well as a little heart. This ones definitely worth the fare.
Stretch is available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video now and will be ON Demand on October 14th.