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Awards season has arrived, and everyone is discussing 2010s best films, pe

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rformances, directors, soundtracks, and more. However, not too many people are discussing the years best trailers. This is unfortunate, since 2010 was an amazing year for trailers, but not to worry -- I bring you the LA Movie Trailer Examiners 1st Annual Trailer Awards!
Each category will have four nominees from which a winner will be selected in bold. Keep in mind that these are all my personal opinions, and if you think Im wrong about something or that Ive missed trailer, please let me know!
Honorable mentions:
Machete - Machete deserves recognition in the trailer community due to the fact that it started as a spoof trailer in

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the double feature Grindhouse. From its 2 minute trailer debut, it became its own feature length film. The power of trailers is undeniable!
Cowboys and Aliens - This film blends multiple genres, and in my opinion would win against any sci-fi, western, or action trailer of 2010. Luckily for those other trailers asics men sneakers , I chose to put Cowboys and Aliens in a category of its own. It is undoubtedly one of the best trailers of 2010, and I think many will agree that this is high on the list of must see films of 2011.
The Thorn in the Heart - Since this documentary actually debuted in 20

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09, I wasnt sure if it could technically be classified as a 2010 trailer. Regardless, the trailer is beautiful and unique, nothing less than you would e asics tigers xpect from the brilliant Michel Gondry.
Hanna - The trailer for Hanna missed the cut off for 2010 by 5 days. However, I am so obsessed with this trai asics gel kayano 17 ler that I had to mention it. The cinematography, editing, graphics, and song choice for this trailer are all flawless. If the movie is half as good as this trailer, Oscars 2012 better be ready.
Best Animated Trailer:
Toy Story 3
How to Train Your Dragon
The Legend of the Guardians - Definitely the most adorable trailer of the year
Best Science FictionFantasy Trailer:
Tron - If Jeff Bridges returning 28 years later for a sequel to the original Tron isnt bad ass enough for you, Daft Punks original score will be. It would be difficult to cut a trailer that would make this movie look bad. Enough said.
Super 8
Sucker Punch
Best Thriller Trailer:
The Debt - The rhythmic editing and music choice make it hard not to get chills while watching this trailer.
Black Swan
Best Drama:
The Social Network
Biutiful - While saying virtually nothing about the plot of the film, this trailer still takes my breath away. The fast pacing of the mysterious images lures you in. A very effective and somewhat unusual trailer.
The Kids are Alright
True Grit
Best Overall:
Inception - The Inception trailers are arguably the greatest trailers ever made, let alone the best trailers of 2010. Zack Hemseys Mind Heist is the absolute perfect song for a trailer. The motion graphics and the careful selection of the most visually striking scenes from the film make this my favorite trailer of all time.
I have thoroughly enjoyed watching 2010s trailers, and heres to another great year for trailers in 2011!