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Movies were never really silent. Even in the days before synchronized sound was introduced to Hollywood films in 1927, movie theatres had the lively sounds of an in-house musician or an audience laughing hysterically. Relive thos
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e days at Huntington’s Cinema Arts Centre, where Silent Comedy Rarities From The Library Of Congress screens on Tuesday, July 26th-a onitsuka and asics t 7:30 pm.
These silent comedies with have a musical accompaniment by Ben Model, one of America’s leading silent film musicians. Ben has played at the Cinema for screenings of Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton comedies, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Josef von Sternberg’s Underworld (one of the very first gangster films) and many others. Time Magazine recently released a video profile on Ben’s career and his musical style. “Silent film music

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is a lot like jazz, it’s very improvisational.” remarks Ben. You can visit Ben Model’s website here.
The Cinema’s Tuesday night silent comedy film line u asic tiger mexico 66 p will include the following: The Bogus Booking Agent (1916) starring one of the very first movie comedy teams- Ham and Bud. Charlie Chaplin once reportingly said of Lloyd “Ham” Hamilton- “Hamilton is the one actor of whom I am jealous.” When Knights Were Cold (1923) stars Stan Laurel in a comedy made three years before Producer Hal Roach said “Oh, let’s pair this Laurel guy with that Hardy guy and see what happens.” A Blonde’s Revenge (1926) stars Ben Turpin, a cartoon-ish looking silent a asics sneakers nd early talkie comedian who had insanely crossed eyes. The story goes that Turpin had a million dollar insurance policy protecting him if his eyes ever un-crossed. Us (1927), an aerial comedy made after the worldwide frenzy over Charles Lindbergh’s cross-Atlantic flight. Us stars Charley Chase, an unjustly forgotten screen comic who looks

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like an office worker who has lost his mind. Chase was one of the few silent comedians to make a successful transition into talkies. One of Chase’s greatest film roles was as an extremely loud and obnoxious conventioneer who makes friends with Laurel and Hardy in The Sons Of The Desert (1933)
Silent Comedy Rarities From The Library Of Congress is part of The Cinema ArtsCentre’s Anything But Silent Series, where once a month, Ben Model gives a musical accompaniment to silent film classics. Past Anything But Silent films have included Douglas Fairbanks in The Thief Of Bagdad, Picadilly, a British back-stage drama featuring the screen debut of Charles Laughton, So’s Your Old Man starring a silent W.C Fields, and The Man Who Laughs, possibly the greatest of all silent horror films.
To learn more about Silent Comedy Rarities From The Library Of Congress, visit the Cinema Arts Centre’s website.
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