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Red (2010) Director - Robert Schwentke
Cast - Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Brian Cox, Richard Dreyfuss
Genre – Action Comedy
This Robert Schwentke movie, released October 2010, is on the surface quite different from his previous works, name

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ly the movie Flightplan starring Jodie Foster among others. The fact that this is a comedy makes Robert a strange choice, however, he was the director of the pilot for US TV success Lie to Me, so perh
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aps he has some experience with dry sarcastic wit. A fact that is born out by this very en tiger onitsuka mexico 66 tertaining little romp into the world of the retired CIA agent.
Frank Moses (Willis) is a aging CIA field agent trying very hard to come to terms with the fact that he has retired from active duty. As he is reaching the final stage of his life he finds that he misses the things he has sacrificed living the loner life, namely, wife, children, family and hobbies. To such a degree that he has developed a strange relationship with a girl that works in his pension providers office over the telephone onitsuka tiger white . His now boring existence is however, thrown into turmoil when a crack assassin squad invade his home intent on killing him. Frank must now, using all his experience, track down those behin asics mexico 66 d his sudden apparent fall from grace, leading him to assemble his old team and even call upon a few old enemies for assistance.
In fairness, I was already won over by the cast of Willis, Mirren, Freeman & Malkovich before I even watched the opening scenes. Being a fan of all four I perhaps was predisposed to enjoy this movie, this was only enhanced upon seeing Brian Cox, Richard Dreyfuss and Karl Urban’s names in the credits. Fortunately, the movie that followed was both entertaining, funny and well crafted. The film is neither too slow nor too fast, the characters are at once believable yet farsical and the plot although unlikely, does appeal to those viewers that have in the past wondered what happens to spies when they get old.
I also find it worth a ment

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ion that the wonderful Ernest Borgnine does put in an excellent cameo appearance and I was thoroughly delighted to see him.
In summing up Red is unlikely to win any awards and will not be remembered as a classic, but for those who like any of the many stars assemble will not be disappointed and the film will become a regular on our TV’s in the future. The films message, if any, is that youth is often no substitute for experience and don’t make enemies of retired attack dogs, they can still bite.