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Its Saturday night, a good night fo onitsuka runspark r Date Night, unless it turns out like the Fosters.
The Fosters (Tina Fay and Steve Carell, The 40-year old Virgin) are a married couple who, with their busy lives, careers and kids, have a regular date night reserved just to spend s

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ome quiet, quality time together.
Blindly going in to see this film,
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one may assume it is just a romantic comedy about two people, perhaps on a blind date. Turns out, the film is more than a romantic comedy. It is also suspenseful and funny at the same time and also includes some great action scenes.
At one point, Tina pulls a Lucille Ball by posing next to Wil I am, reminiscent of Lucy posing next to Van Johnson when he didnt know it.
And in one fleeting moment in the first scene with Fey as a real estate sales agent, hints of her Sarah Palin character, making one wonder if it was done consciously or subconsciously. As quickly as it appears, however, it disappears, appropriately, and she becomes the perfect Mrs. Foster.
The Fosters have fun on their date nights, by playing a Seinfeld-like guessing game at their public dining table about other couples in the restaurant.onitsuka tiger fabre r/>One night out the Fosters pose as the Triplehorn onitsuka tiger 85 s to get a table in a busy, ritzy Manhattan restaurant. That is where things begin to go terribly wrong. The couple is then forced into a situation that could put their lives in danger.

The cast also includes Mark asics onitsuka tiger ultimate 81  Wahlberg, The Other Guys, The Departed), Common, Mark Ruffalo (The Departed), Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Four Brothers), James Franco (Pineapple Express), a cameo by Will i Am (from The Black-Eyed Peas) as himself and Ray Liotta as mob leader Joe Miletto.
Reno DVD Examiner and Reno Action Movie Examiner rating: 4.0
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Mr. Video Store
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Noahs Video Store
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3723 N Carson St, Carson City
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